What to Look For When Buying Weight Lifting Gloves

Two of the most important aspects of weight lifting gloves involve the material of the glove and the fit on your hand during workouts. With weightlifting gloves and their patented design, it’s easy to see why people around the world think makes the best weight lifting gloves. Period.

The Material – Neoprene or Leather?

While leather gloves can be good for very heavy weights, they don’t hold a candle to the benefits of neoprene weight lifting gloves. Neoprene is a material that literally wicks away sweat and moisture from your hand. It provides a comfortable and firm grip that works to prevent calluses while also cutting down on heat, sweat, and odor during a workout. What’s best is the weight lifting gloves don’t overwhelm the hand – with just finger loops and the area of your palm covered for protection – so your workout isn’t impeded by a bulky and uncomfortable glove. The weight lifting grips will provide extra protection, while allowing for a stronger non-slip grip and extra movement when you need it the most. With the neoprene lifting gloves, you can focus on what you do best and not have to worry about your grip.

The Right Size – How to maximize your weight lifting potential Grit Gloves

gloves come in a variety of colors in both Men’s and Women’s weight lifting gloves, with finger loops meant to easily and tightly secure the glove to the palm of your hands. With the gym grips, there are no sizing issues. What the design allows – that other workout gloves don’t – is the opportunity for your hand to breathe. You will be better protected with the glove while reaping the benefits of better padding, greater durability, and an ease of use. And you’ll be doing all this with a glove that fits very firmly, according to James McQuiston, an avid workout buff, but doesn’t have to cover your entire hand like other gloves to accomplish this feat. For further evidence, take a look at the testimonial page to find real stories of the gloves in use and the true benefits they can provide.

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