Stripper Shoes For Pole Dancing

They are many pole schools who do not allow you or advise you not to wear such footwear. Firstly I suppose if you are wearing stripper shoes then it adds to the impression that pole dancing lessons are aimed at young girls and the act of this fabulous exercise will convert them into strippers. Of course that is just silly. Pole dancing has a stigma attached to it which originates from the fact that pole dancing started in strip clubs of Las Vegas, Nevada. However pole fitness is not aimed at teaching young girls how to become strippers but actually empowers young girls, gives them a fantastic work tones their body, allows them to make new friends and gives them a huge amount of self confidence whilst doing a fun form of alternative exercise. So if you remove the shoes from the pole exercise classes you remove some of the the image that it is aimed at the local strip club. Stripper shoes do have many practical uses and advantages when taking part in pole fitness. The advantages of stripper shoes can be found within this article.

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Apart from the stigma attached to stripper or pole dancing shoes there are afew other downsides of wearing these shoes. Firstly stripper shoes can cause some pain to your feet for example when your feet slam down on to the floor when you are first learning tricks. Secondly pole tricks can sometimes be easier to learn when you are not wearing shoes as pole or platform shoes add weight to your feet so it can make inverting to begin with more difficult. The weight of them can impede you when first learning to invert. Thirdly the floor of the hall where you take part in these fitness lessons can dictate your footwear. Depending on which pole fitness school you attend will determine whether you require a pair or not. Some schools leave it up to you to decide or sometimes the floor surface of the building that lessons are taking place in determine whether Silver Earrings wholesale you can wear them or not. If pole lessons take part in a club, bar or old warehouse you will probably need to wear some protective footwear. In fact due to health and safety the risk of getting verucas may dictate that some form of footwear is worn. So, whether you wear stripper shoes to pole fitness hoop earrings or not is partly a personal preference and partly determined by the pole fitness school you attend.

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