Protect Your Hearing During Shooting Sports

The right shooting ear protection makes a difference when you take part in such a sport as a participant or a spectator. This includes shotgun sports, using a pistol, and even when you are hunting. Damage to your hearing is often irreversible, and you will regret not taking the time to keep it as good as possible. Poor hearing can affect all areas of your life in a negative way.

Finding the right shooting ear protection is very important too as not all products out there are made the same. They differ in how they fit, how you use them, the materials they are made from, and how they will hold up. Being a well-informed consumer will help you to pick those that work best for your activities and keep you comfortable at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to keep your hearing during shooting related activities. In fact, you will spend far less for quality shooting ear protection than you will for hearing aids down the road if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Get into the habit of wearing such protection all the time when you are around shooting and you can enjoy the fun to the fullest!


It is vital to use shooting ear protection that fits you well. What fits well for adults isn’t going to work the same for youth. You also need something that stays in place as you move around. There are headphone types which can be adjusted. There are those that fit into your ear, a one size fits all approach. If you go that route, spend the extra to get those customized to fit your ears.

When you go with a custom product, it allows you to have a mold take of your ears. You may be surprised at the variations between yours and someone else when it comes to ear openings. The right fit makes all the difference if you frequently shoot or you frequently spectate around others shooting.


How often you take part in such activities should influence what you are willing to pay for quality shooting ear protection. If you are on a trap team or you go shoot skeet every weekend, it makes sense to get the best can you can. If you only go out there once or twice a year during hunting season, you still want quality but go with a less expensive option to justify the cost.

If you need to communicate with others, you can still wear quality protection for your ears. Some have built in microphones so you can hear what you need to but keep out the noise that could be damaging. This is a terrific opportunity for you to give instructions to new pistol training or to receive them yourself from someone else.


The type of materials the shooting ear protection is made from affects cost as well as how they fit. If you select the headphone style, make sure they have something soft around your ears so they aren’t rubbing and making you uncomfortable. When they fit well and the materials are comfortable you will be less likely to take them out or off.


Look for a product you can count on to last a long time. Some of them are very inexpensive and disposable, but in reality, they don’t offer the best protection for your hearing during shooting related activities. Go with a product that is made from a company with a great reputation. You want them to last and you want to get into the habit of wearing them every single time!

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