How to Find Your Perfect Office Chair

Everyone has their own individual way of sitting, and the most comfortable and beneficial office chair will depend on both your posture and your size. The perfect chair needs to not only provide comfort, but also offer essential support, to avoid the onset of aches and pains as a result of sitting in one position for an extended period of time. Luckily, one specialist office chair supplier can help you to find the perfect chair, enabling you to benefit from maximum comfort all day long.

There isn’t one chair which fits all, and to find your ideal chair, you’ll need to first assess your own needs. Look at factors such as whether you require arm rests, or flexible back support which can be adjusted, as this will give you a foundation to purchase your chair.

bürostuhl 200 kg belastbar As these specialists understand the importance of offering chairs which adapt around their customers, they have built up an extensive range of high quality ergonomic chairs for you to choose from. Featuring products from some of the most reputable chair manufacturers, their collection fuses style, comfort and functionality to present you with the most beneficial selection.

If you are still unsure of the best chair for you after browsing out range, why not consider one of their customised options, specifically tailored to your individual needs. Within the Herman Miller range, you’ll find Mirra and Celle chairs, which give you control over each feature of your chair. You’ll be able to specify features such as the fabric for the back, whether or not you require additional back support, and if you need a seat depth adjustment.

The Herman Miller Lumbar Kit which they supply also offers an excellent solution to all those who find themselves constantly adjusting themselves in the chair, unable to get comfortable. The Lumbar Kit can be easily fitted to your existing Aeron chair, allowing you to adjust the support offered by the back in alignment with the contours of your own body – the perfect option for anyone looking for that little extra flexibility.

If you would like further help finding your ideal office chair, then their expert team are always happy to help. You can speak to a member of their team by clicking the ‘Live help’ button on their website, giving them a call, or by filling out their online contact form.

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